Leg Tattoos

Leg tattoos are one of the best placed tattoos. Hide them whenever needed and show off when desired. Well, you can easily wear that funky look with a leg tattoo and a mini skirt. What�s more, you have a number of options in terms of tattoo designs and placement area. Right from a tiny tattoo till a large or long tattoo you can explore almost any each piece of this body art on your legs. So let�s look at the various leg tattoo designs in the following paragraphs, which you can consider if you want to get one inked.
Leg Tattoos for Women
If you search for leg tattoos for females, you will find a lot of tattoo designs and different placements. One of the most popular areas of getting a tattoo for women is the foot, near toes or just below the ankle. Usually delicate designs like flower tattoos, ladybug tattoos, butterfly tattoos and hummingbird tattoos are chosen by women. In ankle tattoo designs, the vine tattoos are the most popular ones. Vine tattoos in combination with flower and butterflies are commonly used designs in anklet tattoos for girls. Read more on ladybug tattoos on foot.
Another common leg tattoos for females are those for the calf area. These either cover entire calf area or just a part of it. Chinese characters, Celtic cross or heart tattoos are highly preferred designs for these. Celtic sun and crescent moon tattoo designs are also perfect for calf tattoos. Many go for the popular tribal tattoos. Also, tattoos that cover the leg up to your knees or even the entire leg are flaunted by girls, especially with those short skirts or tight slit dresses. Girls generally opt for the colorful tattoos in case of full or half leg tattoos. Dolphins, one of the most feminine tattoo designs are a favorite of many for leg tattoos. You can also chose to have one of the various angel tattoo designs for legs.
Leg Tattoos for Men
All those bold designs are for men. Be it a skull tattoo design or a barbed wire tattoo, these are hot favorite of men. These look great on the calf or area above ankles. Tribal leg tattoos are a fave of many and look the best. Many go for a mix of tribal designs to cover even the entire leg. The Celtic tattoos are also popular amongst men. Cub tattoos and horse tattoos are commonly inked by men. The foot tattoos for men especially consist of horse head, a filled design or just a classic outline of the same.
Another popular designs for calf or half leg tattoos are tiger tattoo designs. Some have these jazzed up with colors while some love the black outlined design. Well, most of the leg tattoos for men are done in black ink or a single colored ink. Colorful tattoos best suit women, though some men also go for them too. Men must restrict the use of colors in a design and make sure that bright and bold shades like orange and blue are used. Strictly avoid feminine shades. One of the popular tattoo designs men love to get inked on their legs is the flame tattoo. These are inked in black and orange color and look extremely trendy.
Apart from the aforementioned leg tattoo ideas and funky designs, you can explore many more such options. Lettering tattoos and zodiac tattoos are also among the best tattoo designs for men and women. Vertical, horizontal or tilted lettering designs, all look simply awesome and unique. Select the right design, pick the right colors and get it inked on your legs.
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