Name Tattoos Ideas

If you are at loggerheads about what tattoo  to get next then you must spare a thought for name tattoo ideas. This is not everyone�s cup of tea as it requires a great deal of commitment on your behalf to get someones name tattooed on your body. It certainly has to be someone who has made a huge difference in your life and it also involves the acceptance of this difference by you. This is a show of utmost loyalty, and once you have decided to go ahead with it, you can come up with hundreds of cool name tattoo ideas.
Some people even choose to get their own name tattooed on their body, and when it is merged with a good design this can look extremely beautiful. The choice of design you prefer depends on your personality and you can use it to depict anything you wish. You can place your name on a cloud to show your dreamy side, or place it around an anchor to show your grounded and practical side.
Name Tattoo Ideas for Men
Name tattoos, by theory, are always in honor of someone special. This is a way to display one�s devotion and loyalty to that particular person, and that is why the most common name tattoo ideas are either for a parent, a child, a spouse or a lover. Men are usually the ones who go ahead and get their spouses name tattooed on their skin as a show of their love. The best example of this is David Beckham. His body may be littered with tattoos but you can distinctly see his wife�s name tattooed on his left forearm in the Devanigri script. The iconic status of Beckham was perhaps one of the main reasons why name tattoo ideas became so popular in the first place.
Most men are also not afraid to get a name tattoo professing their devotion to their mothers. This is a very commonly seen tattoo, and in most cases it will be a man you see sporting such a tattoo. Apart from this, a wife or a lovers name is also a popular choice as this helps them prove their devotion beyond any doubt. All in all, if you see a man sporting a name tattoo about an important woman in his life, you can be sure that his sense of loyalty and devotion is very profound.
Baby name tattoo ideas though, are tattoos that carry the most significance. It is true that every human beings perception and thoughts change once they hold their baby in their arms for the first time, and this is most applicable in the case of men. Name tattoo ideas with their child�s name on it is therefore a hugely popular choice amongst men all over.
Name Tattoo Ideas for Girls
Women, the so called emotional beings, are slightly more hesitant to go for name tattoo ideas. The origins of this misconception that women are more gullible and weaker emotionally is not known, but this can be seen in the fact that women rarely get names tattooed on their body. Maybe their body is more sacred to them or maybe they have a stronger way of professing their loyalty, somehow women just don�t seem too enamored by this idea. Hypocritically though, women love men who do this, but are more cautious to do it themselves.
The most popular choice of name tattoo ideas for women though are those that involve the names of either their children or their parents. These are far safer options in their opinion, and hold far greater significance as well. Last name tattoo ideas are also good choices as they remain the same throughout their lives. As can be seen, name tattoo ideas are applicable in cases where there is a sense of permanency, as this is not something that someone would do randomly unless they are really impulsive.
One needs to be very careful before thinking of name tattoo ideas. Be certain that the person whose name you are getting tattooed is going to be a constant in your life. Because, if they are not then the tattoo would be useless and you would have to look for ways to cover up. Name tattoo ideas are a lifelong commitment so you need to be absolutely sure about the tattoo you are getting.
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