The High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is featured on the covers of numerous tabloids thanks to the news related to breaking up with her long-time boyfriend Zac Efron. Undoubtedly, Vanessa knows how to stay in the spotlight in a subtle and also elegant manner. After the ex-couple was apparently in a reconciliation period, the 'Beastly' star came up with a brand new plan to surprise her loyal fans and the paparazzi with a dramatic change in her appearance. No, it's not a new hair color or haircut, instead she decided to go for a tattoo.

Tattoos are some of the most popular accessories for teen stars these days. Therefore it's no surprise that we have the chance to spot the brand new body 'jewelry' of another famous and beloved Disney star.

Vanessa Hudgens revealed her new tattoo offering images created during the tattooing process. The young actress accompanied by Ruby Rose decided to visit a salon owned by Bang Bang, as one of the best tattoo artists providing the greatest stars with the hottest tattoos from the industry. Rihanna is also one of the ardent fans of this artist.