Worst Tattoos

Tattoos are a great thing to have, as they stand for a number of things. They are mainly used as a pictorial expression of what you believe, what you love and many a times in memory of something that cannot be forgotten. Tattoos have multiple significances with respect to every culture in the world. From where the art of tattooing originated to the place, where it is practiced the most, these tattoos have a way of expression all over the globe. When you know, what kind of tattoo designs you want and are very sure of it, the tattooer can do a great job. But many a times it so happens that you demand for something which cannot be drawn in an elegant and artistic manner and hence, leads to a bad tattoo. The abundance of such blunders is underestimated when we talk about worst tattoos. Hence, read about some of the world�s worst tattoos mentioned just for you in the coming up paragraphs.
Worst Tattoos of All Time
The choice of designs and ideas of the art of tattooing is very wide and elaborate. You can have anything on the face of earth inked on your body. There are some designs exclusively for men, for women and some designs which are unisex in nature. No matter what the design is, you can always mold and combine different designs to make one tattoo the way you want (since it�s yours). Sometimes, in the attempt to mix and match or even get the right design inked, there can be mistakes and blunders from the tattooer. Tattoo removal is very painful and causes many physical injuries. In cases of a permanent tattoo, these mistakes are not affordable as they lead to inconveniences for life. Thus, take a look at what are and can be the worst tattoos mentioned below.

  • Some of the worst tattoos in the world are sported by teenagers and people who get tattoos to attract attention. There are so many designs which are chosen by guys who want the tattoos to be complicated but end up not getting what they asked for.
  • Since, guys are huge fans of skeletons, Gothic tattoo designs, face impressions, and other random images, are their choices. But when you�re not solid on your tattoo ideas, they tend to mess up.
  • Getting a Star Wars theme on the back can be one of the worst tattoos, as you end up getting haphazard pictures of all the characters in no order at all.
  • Though getting your entire face tattooed with multiple tribal tattoos and Celtic tattoo designs, can be a great work of art for the tattooer, for you it�s simply embarrassment at formal functions and in front of family.
  • There are also examples of getting an entire image of your favorite Hollywood actor on your back and when you�re bored of it, you still have to keep it.
  • Getting a girlfriend�s name inked in huge letters and then ending up breaking up with her can also be one of the worst tattoos ever.
  • On the other hand, women also have many designs which they mess up, like pictures of people who matter to them the most. Family tattoos are very well known, and often when don�t come out right, become the worst tattoos on women.
  • There are tattoos which are drawn in a manner of connecting the dots to make an animal. Only the dots and the numbers are drawn in these animal tattoo designs with the image left to be drawn by someone else (it�s only fun on paper, not on someone�s leg!).
  • Some people like to get random tattoos like beer cans, chocolates and candy tattoos, hot-dogs and other eatables as tattoos (just for the heck of getting one)! There can�t be worst tattoos than these, can there?

With these ultimate worst tattoos, which actually exist, what could be a more helpless blunder in the world? The moral of this article is that, no matter how badly you want a tattoo, don�t make the wrong choice, as real tattoos are permanent!
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