Dennis Rodman and his tattoos

I would like to dedicate a whole section to all NBA tattoo stars. Therefore I would like to start from the very beginning.
Once upon a time there was a man, a superstar basketball player who was different from all the others. He was not really a better player, not the best one for sure, but his skin was so much more decorated than that of everyone else, that it was impossible to confuse him with anybody else. That guy was Dennis Rodman and here are his tattoos:
Dennis Rodman tattoos
Dennis Rodman tattoos
Dennis Rodman was unique: he was definitely more known for his tattoos than for his basketball skills. Not that he wasn�t a good player; it�s just that his tattoos were amazing.
Nowadays, every basketball player has one or more tattoos. It�s not a surprise anymore. But at that time there was only one brave tattoo freak, and that was Dennis Rodman.
He started this tendency and I dedicate this gallery to him.
Enjoy Dennis Rodman tattoos:

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