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Kobe Bryant Tattoos: thousand and one way to say I�m sorry!

Kobe Bryant is the most popular and talented basketball player since Michael Jordan�s retirement.
He also had the chance to play against his highness Air Jordan at the end of his unbelievable career.
Kobe Bryant couldn�t beat him but he was young and a fast learner, and it didn�t take him much time to become the hero of the new NBA era - a.J. (after Jordan).
However, Kobe Bryant tattoos have nothing to do with his favourite sport. His tattoos are about his life and belief.
Kobe was born in the U.S.A, however he spent his childhood in Italy, where his father played as a professional basketball player. He liked football and was a big fan of A.C. Milan.
Back in the U.S.A he started his career as a basketball player , was hired by the Los Angeles Lakers and won the NBA championship breaking several records. He is now considered to be on of the top ten players ever in the history of the NBA.
The story behind Kobe Bryant tattoos is quite interesting.
In summer 2003, in Eagle, Colorado, Kobe met Katelyn Faber, 19-years-old - the second most significant woman in his life.
Some times after that meeting Kobe Bryant was sued with sexual assault and arrested. He admitted the adulterous sexual encounter, but denied her raping allegation.
Nobody knows what really happened that night in Colorado, anyways they could find some kind of (economical) agreement that allowed Kobe to go on with his fantastic basketball career.
Much harder was finding an agreement with the first most significant woman in his life: his wife Vanessa. Someone talked about a 4 million dollars ring as apology for the �little incident in Colorado�. What is for sure is that after the trouble in Colorado some tattoos appeared on Kobe�s arm. The name Vanessa and a Crown to represent the primary importance of his wife, two angel wings and underneath the inscription Psalm XVII to express his faith.
He also have his daughter�s name Natalia Diamante tattooed on his left arm.
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